The first impression that customers get from your business often begins with landscaping. EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) takes an approach to commercial landscape design and maintenance that’s much more comprehensive than most, ensuring you leave an impression on your customers that matches the quality of your business.

Exterior view of commercial facility at night with landscaping and lightsOur licensed landscape architects do much more than simple upkeep and lawn mowing.

They create inspirational landscapes, hardscapes, water features, bio-system components, and a wide range of other applications that incorporate innovative, cost-effective installation and maintenance options.

The right landscape solution for all your locations.

From the west coast to the east coast, from palm trees to primrose and everything in between, the EFS landscape experts know the best ways to maintain your landscape.

Premium landscaping for immaculate properties.

Landscaping Services:

  • Spring Cleanup
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Flower Maintenance
  • Debris Pick-Up
  • Fertilizing
  • Aerating
  • Pruning
  • Insect/Disease Control
  • Fall Cleanup

A full suite of green initiatives.

Taking into consideration the way we affect the world around us isn’t just a passing fad—it’s a responsibility we all share. That’s why our landscape experts contemplate things like water usage and organic plants that use less toxic contaminants.

Many of our clients have also conserved water and money after we’ve retrofitted their irrigation systems with up to 50 percent more efficient, sensor-triggered sprinkler heads.

Call us today to discuss all your landscaping needs.

Landscaping Case Study

A national pharmacy needed to reduce water costs and usage and approached EFS to help them improve the existing irrigation systems at more than 180 of their sites.

By providing various options for smarter water usage, EFS projected a 20-percent savings on water costs starting virtually immediately. One proposal included using weather-driven adjustable controllers. EFS also recommended sensors to alert the customer to problems in real-time, as well as nozzles with highly uniform, multi-stream rotating technology designed for ultra-efficiency.

After implementing the recommended solutions, EFS helped save the customer more than 30 percent on water costs—10 percent more than the original projection.