Various Locations, Nationwide

National Trucking Company

Produced over $11 million cumulative savings since 2002.

Value Delivered

EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) delivered a centralized janitorial program for a leading trucking company with a diverse, nationwide portfolio of more than 435 locations.

Phase I of this project included:

  • Bringing previously decentralized janitorial spend under centralized management
  • Changing a management program essential to the success of the program
  • Retaining of over 90-percent of the legacy vendor base
  • Implementing performance-based vendor contracts
  • Measuring and reporting of vendor compliance and performance
  • Eliminating maverick spend related to one-off services
  • Streamlining administration
  • Realizing significant year one savings

Phase II of this project included:

  • Optimizing work scopes by site type, yielding additional savings
  • Launching client web portal for easy online transaction transparency
  • Building out a scalable model to expand the scope of categories managed
  • Ongoing central and site-level management to assure continuous improvement
  • Realizing significant, ongoing savings off historic baseline spend from program inception date

Client Objectives

This client needed a national janitorial program that would offer the following benefits:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Sustainable, year-over-year savings
  • Enterprise control and visibility of a top 10 indirect spend category–janitorial services
  • Optimization and standardization of source-to-pay processes and work scopes
  • Site-level contract compliance


Under a dedicated account team, EFS collected all data and interviewed all key stakeholders related to the decentralized legacy program. The baseline spend was established and current program strengths and weaknesses, as well as a multi-phase transition plan, were shared with the client.

Key elements of the EFS’s source-to-pay solution included:

  • Addressing the full procurement value chain
  • Implementing a dedicated team with a depth and breadth of janitorial category expertise
  • Sourcing organization with the existing supply base and market intelligence across the US
  • Real-time vendor compliance and transaction management
  • Proprietary technology infrastructure
  • Site-level contract compliance and quality control

Client Background

The client is a global trucking and freight company that delivers a full-range of transportation services of retail, commercial, and industrial goods.