Various Locations, Nationwide

US Bank

3,000 branches, 5,000 ATMs, and 19 million square feet. All in one, integrated program.

Entracne view of a US Bank location

Value Delivered

EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) delivered US Bank an integrated facilities maintenance program covering over 3,000 branches and 5,000 ATM locations across the country.

We manage over 19 million square feet of space, handle over 14,000 work orders per month, and receive consistent quality ratings of 95 percent, all while meeting US Bank’s budget goals.

Client Objectives

Dedicated to the highest quality of facility maintenance at every location, US Bank’s objective was a single-source solution for all facility maintenance requirements, with one provider on one invoice.


EFS delivered a comprehensive range of facilities maintenance services, including:

  • Indoor/outdoor maintenance for electrical, plumbing, roof, and HVAC
  • Small- to large-bid projects
  • Monthly building inspections
  • Expense management for maintenance budget
  • Key performance indicator tracking

Client Background

US Bank is one of the top ten largest banks in the US based on deposits. With over 3,000 banking offices and 5,000 ATMs, US Bank's branch network serves twenty-five states.