Various Locations, Nationwide

Retail Distribution Centers

Keeping a nationwide supply chain running smooth with dynamic exterior services.

Tractor with plow plowwing snow in a parking lot

Value Delivered

EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) delivered a centrally managed, technology-driven exterior services program for this client’s more than 35 million square feet of exterior distribution space.

Working at multiple distribution centers spread across the country, our program centralized service operations while maintaining the flexibility necessary to accommodate each location’s unique needs. Some of the benefits of this approach included:

  • Peace of mind that snow events would not disrupt supply chain
  • More than 10-percent reduction in expenses
  • Streamlined single point of contact for preseason planning, service execution, and invoicing via Key Account Manager
  • Improved reliability and service levels by leveraging EFS supplier base

Client Objectives

The client was looking to centralize exterior services for their distribution centers in an effort to reduce costs without sacrificing reliable support for their business-critical locations. Furthermore, the client required standard statements of work (SOWs) that were dynamic enough to cover unique facility requirements in a variety of climates.


Distribution centers are unique, mission-critical facilities where services like snow removal can directly impact the retailer’s supply chain and bottom line. EFS implemented a comprehensive exterior services program for these distribution centers which featured:

  • Certified snow professionals and landscape architects to create standard SOWs with geographic customization
  • Technology-based solutions to customize site plans, including:
    ○  Pre- and post-season planning and review
    ○  Real-time service delivery confirmation and validation
  • A single point of contact for service delivery
  • Landscaping, snow removal, and lot sweeping