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Home Furnishings Retailer - Lighting Retrofit

25-percent reduction in annual energy spend, helping save $18 million in only two years.

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Value Delivered

EMCOR Facilities Services leveraged our extensive expertise in lighting retrofits to help this housing furnishings retailer implement a customized-energy savings program across several hundred retail stores and warehouses nationwide.

Our program helped the client save $18 million in two years, with an overall reduction in energy spend of 25 percent annually. Focusing on project delivery and timing, we enabled the client to achieve more than $1.8 million in construction rebates to date, and, in the years ahead, the client is expected to see between $6-8 million in annual ongoing energy savings.

Client Objectives

The client needed to reduce their carbon footprint and overall energy costs by decreasing the amount of energy needed to light several hundred retail stores and warehouse locations.


Collaborating with both the retailer and the lighting fixture manufacturer, we developed a customized energy savings program, which focused on targeted ceiling fixtures primarily near racks and displays.

We also upgraded outdated technology by installing motion detectors, new fluorescent fixtures, and lamps, and we retrofitted employee areas to reduce unnecessary lighting and energy consumption.

Client Background

This client operates a chain of over 1,100 retail stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada.